Writer, Designer & Illustrator

Allen Christianson

Technical writer by day. Graphic novel and TTRPG author by night. Creator of Immortal Freedom and related works.

Immortal Freedom is a world where science fiction and fantasy collide—where futuristic vehicles, cyberpunk cities, sapient alien life, faster-than-light travel, holographic technology and resonating magical crystals can be found.

  • ISBN: 9781738670109

  • eBook: 9781738670116

Nightsong: an Immortal Freedom Novella

Luna is an Erelan keeper-a magic user with power over nature. With only her intuition and her purpose to drive her, she travels from world to world, correcting the balance of nature and helping life to thrive. She does this, as all keepers do, through a world's natural essence, more commonly known as the Æther. During her travels, she arrives on the small moon of New Kiplar, a reclaimed Terran colony world deep within the actively contested Huk'Va system. However, not all is as it seems. Something powerful is leaking magic into the Æther, sending ripples of dangerous, magical radiation across the globe. Concerned with what she encounters in the Æther, Luna takes it upon herself to find the source of the magic-and stop the devastation it has wrought.

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